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Volume 1, Number 1 Click here for map Spring 2005
This Issue: We welcome all passers-by, returning visitors, former residents and snowbirds to the Parry Sound Area. Catch up on the latest news here. Check out the reverse side of this issue to see our handy walking map showing must-see points of interest, important emergency numbers and the location of our sponsors and other services. Please take the time to visit our sponsors - they are ready to serve you!
Green Festival Have you ever thought about setting up a composter or garden? Spring has Sprung! Have you wondered about solar power, windpower & electric hybrid vehicles? Most people have heard of these so-called "Green" technologies but seeing is believing! The Green Festival is gearing up for its second annual show, to be held on Saturday June 11th at the Stockey Centre Terrace. Green enthusiast Malcolm Fraser organized the event in hopes that people might adopt environmentally friendly alternatives if given the right options and enough information. Over twenty "Green Groups" or social-environmental groups are expected to be present to showcase their goods, services and answer the commonly asked questions. Among the groups will be Au Naturel, The Green Party, White Squall, Global Outreach, Roots&Shoots and Hempola Valley Farms. Parry Sound Growing! Returning visitors and seasonal residents The Water Tower has overseen many changes this past year will notice many changes in Parry Sound over the past year. Continuing expansion of the four lane highway promises to bring a record number of visitors to our area. The opening of Walmart close to the 400 is expected to improve downtown traffic problems. The consolidation of the Health Centre facilities off Bowes Street realizes a dream begun more than 35 years ago. And construction has already begun on an office complex near the Bowes Street Interchange which will add another hotel, restaurant and gas station to the mix!
What's On? If you only have an hour or so to spend in Parry Sound, do swing by the Museum to catch "Natural Visions", a local art show courtesy of "Artists Round the Sound" until June 19th. Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts If this is your cup of tea, you may also like the Mixed Media Exhibition at the Station Gallery until June 5th. For live entertainment, the Stockey has Country Music Star George Fox on May 14th. If you prefer Chamber Music, the Festival of the Sound has one show on May 6th, then returns on full force on June 4th! For the outdoorsy types, White Squall's Annual Open House on May 14th offers free music, food and kayak rides followed by a Kayak Symposium the next day. Then on May 28th, Downtown Parry Sound's Annual Spring Fling Event will provide fun for the whole family, including children's entertainment, games, sidewalk sales. A great start to what is shaping up to be a great year... come enjoy life in Parry Sound!
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Water Reflections Relaxation, contemplation, meditation, call it what you like, View from Salt Docks but take time to enjoy the richness of the world of water around us. Revel in the thrill, the energy, the gentleness, that only water can provide. Feel the power of acceptance, dangle your feet off the dock, swim in the clear rush of water. Watch the ripples come and go effortlessly. Walk and talk with friends and family along the soft sandy beaches or rocky shores of Georgian Bay. Embrace life! Something to make time for every day. Boat Safety Anxious to get the boat into the water after a long winter? Please keep in mind to have a life jacket for all passengers. Watch the Rocks! Carry a First Aid Kit and waterproof matches just in case. Make sure your boat is water-ready and well-maintained. Even for short day trips, make sure someone knows where you are going and when you expect to return. No smoking while refueling. Fill tank only 90% to allow for expansion. Give other boaters, swimmers and divers extra room. Watch for submerged rocks. Obey the "rules of the road" and keep to the right. Remember that alcohol and boating do not mix.
Earth Week Results The week of April 21st was Earth Week as evidenced by students picking up garbage along the highway, residents making their best efforts to recycle and create less garbage, and more people walking than driving. Wouldn't it be great if this went on all year? Try walking instead of driving when you can. Take reusable containers in your lunches instead of disposable ones. Avoid Styrofoam. Recycle. These are just a few of the simple ways to show your respect for the earth and to pitch-in even if it isn't Earth Week.
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