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Volume 1, Number 2 Click here for map Summer 2005
THIS ISSUE: We welcome all passers-by, returning visitors, former residents and snowbirds to the Parry Sound Area. Catch up on the latest News here. Check out the reverse side of this issue to see our handy Food and Restaurant Guide, important Emergency Numbers and the location of our Sponsors and other services. Please take the time to visit our sponsors - they are ready to serve you!
WINDS OF CHANGE A proposed wind turbine farm in Carling Wind Farm, courtesy of Bill Willis, North Dakota drew heated debate in a series of public meetings this past spring. Rumours of noise pollution, visual impact, and bird kills are unfounded, according to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture & Food. Wind turbines are less noisy than a home air conditioner and do not kill birds. They are not unattractive as shown here. Such wind turbine farms have been operating since 1980 in California, a state well-known for environmental champions. WHAT'S ON? Parry Sound is a swinging place year round with activities for the whole family to enjoy. Gryphon Trio - Festival of the Sound July 27th-31st This summer is no exception. Fred Eaglesmith at the Stockey on Canada Day Canada Day Weekend kicks the summer off with Bridgefest at the Seguin River Pedestrian Bridge. Festivities continue at the Town Docks. Cap the evening with Fred Eaglesmith (left) performing live at the Stockey Centre at 7pm. The Festival of the Sound resumes July 15th at the Stockey. The Festival features a variety of talented performers, such as the Gryphon Trio (right) with over 50 musical events planned. The next big event is the annual Christmas in July to be held July 16th at the KOA Campground on Rankin Lake Road. There will be tons of activities for those young and young at heart, including photos with St. Nick. Between July 15th and 17th take a stroll through Market Square Park in Parry Sound and enjoy the annual Art in the Park exhibit. Don't miss the Jazz Canada which runs over the Civic Holiday weekend. The Festival concludes with a Gala Dinner & Concert at The Inn at Manitou on August 7th. On Saturday, August 27th, as part of Old Home Week see NOW and THEN at the Bobby Orr Community Centre, featuring members of Parry Sound's most famous 60's rock band, Georgian IV. Don't forget the 3rd annual TUGFEST to be held at the main town dock in the Parry Sound harbour.
Please visit these Parry Sound Mall Stores Holly Cascanette, Sales Representative, Al Boucher Real Estate Ltd. Photo Metro Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
BIRD'S EYE VIEW! We took a ride with Georgian Bay Airways to see what Parry Sound is really all about. Bird's Eye View! Survey the 30,000 Islands from a new perspective, along with a myriad of unexpected wonders. Parry Sound from the Air You haven't truly experienced Cottage Country until you've seen it from a bird's eye view! From the sparkling blue of the big bay to the rich greenery of the forests, it is a sight not to be missed! The staff at Georgian Bay Airways are knowledgeable and courteous, making the flight even more unforgettable and enjoyable. The flight is also pleasantly smooth. Guaranteed to be an experience you won't soon forget!
RARE VISITOR Keep an eye out for a White Squirrel which has shown up here in Parry Sound. White Squirrel foraging in Parry Sound Life is difficult for the White Squirrel. It's hard to hide from predators when you're white as snow in the summer. White Squirrels have been spotted in Exeter, ON, Missouri, North Carolina and the UK but this is the first sighting we know of in Parry Sound. There are even White Squirrel Fan Clubs and Festivals! The White Squirrel seems to mix well with other gray and black squirrels, although normally it is alone when spotted. PAINT THE TOWN! Station Gallery is holding their annual fundraiser on July 22nd & 23rd and it's sure to be a blast! Local artists register to paint, Station Gallery sketch or otherwise create art based on local scenes. See the artists around town with their tools creating fabulous local works of art for later display & silent auction at the United Church. Proceeds are split between Station Gallery & the artists. Support the vibrant art culture in and around the Sound. Be sure to watch for other Station Gallery events and displays! Visit Station Gallery at 1 Avenue Road or call 746-9206 for more info.
NEXT ISSUE: Our next issue, Autumn 2005, published for Labour Day weekend, will be freely available in most local Parry Sound stores & Information Centres. Let us know any news items you may want to be included. To advertise in the next issue, call us at 705-746-4625 or email sales@parrysoundpublishing.com. Subscriptions are available for $30 per year + GST/PST to cover the cost of postage & handling.
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